Industries Overview


In the 25 years that Katronic have been working in ultrasonic flow measurement, we have supplied flowmeters to thousands of customers worldwide. Our instruments now have a huge spectrum of applications in a range of different sectors.  

Ultrasonic flowmeters are frequently used in the water industry, but the technology has proved useful in many other areas, from installations on space exploration projects to propulsion measurements for submarines.

Our portable flowmeters are employed throughout the brewing process while the technology is equally common in the nuclear power sector. Here the non-invasive instruments are ideal for monitoring radioactive fluids.

Clamp-on flowmeters can also be used for dirty applications where the contents of the pipe pose a risk to health. In the semiconductor industry, for example, clamp-on flowmeters are used to measure hydrofluoric acid. Our technology is equally useful in the pharmaceutical sector, where maintaining sterile operating conditions is essential. 

Katronic flowmeters deliver a level of versatility that means they can be found from the highest to the lowest, from the cleanest to the dirtiest, and the safest to the most dangerous industrial locations in existence.