Building Services

Clamp-on flowmeters for HVAC processes

KATflow ultrasonic flowmeters can help to make savings in water and energy. Legislative and economic driving forces as well as advances in technology are changing the way in which large buildings and facilities are operated, managed and maintained. Rising prices for the supply of water and energy and newly introduced environmental regulations have increased the need for greater building efficiency. This has led to stronger efforts to cut energy consumption and in turn reduce carbon emissions. Our range of flowmeters can have a major impact on water and energy savings, through monitoring flow rates and thermal energy consumption on a variety of different systems with a high level of accuracy. 

The Katronic flowmeters offer a series of advantages to our customers in the building services sector.

The clamp-on flowmeters can be installed without needing to stop the process, making them ideal for situations where utilities are in constant demand such as hospitals and airports.

Many of the main hot and chilled water pipes used in large facilities are both very large and in inaccessible locations. With a clamp-on meter, there is no need to make costly pipe modifications, and installation cost is minimal, as no special tools, equipment or people are required to complete the commissioning.

Our instruments allow engineers to have access to equipment capable of measuring both flow and temperature. This means that several of our KATflow meters provide integrated heat flow measurements and a data logger in one neat package.

  • Boiler plant and air conditioning controlling
  • Continuous monitoring of hot and chilled water systems
  • Balancing of heating and cooling systems
  • Inspection of air conditioning units
  • Testing of fire sprinkler systems
  • Water consumption monitoring
  • EWA Controls
  • Johnson Controls
  • BMSI
  • Honeywell
  • Verraton
  • Laing O'Rourke