Food and Drink

Clamp-on flowmeters for the grocery manufacturing sector

Katronic flowmeters are hygienic, quick to install, and easy to operate and maintain. A major investment for companies in the food, drink and agricultural industries is the high level of water consumption and wastewater discharge. For this reason, they face significant costs for water supply and trade effluent disposal, as well as charges for pumping, water and effluent treatment. Monitoring internal flow processes may require flowmeters to be retrofitted, or spot measurement to be carried out as part of site surveys, and clamp-on flowmeters are ideal for this. 

Katronic flowmeters are clean and safe and offer a series of advantages to our customers in the food and drink industry.

As Katronic clamp-on flowmeters are installed on the outside of the pipe the customer can be sure that the integrity and sterility of the manufacturing process is never compromised.

Clamp-on flowmeters can be installed without needing to stop the process, making them ideal for production and manufacturing conditions where systems are in continuous operation.

When buying a clamp-on flowmeter the only expense is the purchase. Alternative devices require further costs for engineering work, down-time, trained staff and specialist equipment leading to higher total cost of ownership. A further economic benefit of clamp-on flowmeters is that some Katronic instruments can be used to measure two pipes at the same time, doubling the advantages.

  • Pump, valve and in-line flowmeter performance verification
  • Water and raw material consumption monitoring
  • Flow metering of liquid products and ingredients
  • Monitoring Clean in Process (CIP) flush processes
  • Metering discharges
  • Site surveys
  • The Coca Cola Company
  • Dairy Crest Group Plc.
  • The Kraft Heinz Company
  • Diageo
  • Heineken
  • PepsiCo
  • Mars