Marine and Shipbuilding

Clamp-on flowmeters for naval engineering

Katronic clamp-on flowmeters are used in many areas of marine engineering, shipbuilding and ship maintenance. Large ships can contain thousands of meters of pipework carrying various fluids such as water, wastewater, cooling and heating liquids, fuel and hydraulic oil. In some cases, the permanent metering of lines becomes necessary once the ship has entered service, and regular spot measurements with portable units are often required as part of maintenance and inspection work. Ship applications are characterised by the facts that measurement points are often difficult to reach, pipes cannot be opened and flows not interrupted.

Katronic flowmeters offer a series of advantages to our customers in the marine and shipbuilding sector. They can be found on commercial and military vessels, as well as in submarines. 

Several Katronic flowmeters allow readings to be taken simultaneously, reducing cost and also allowing supply and return or differential flow measurements on fuel systems.

As the sensors are mounted onto the surface of the pipe, there is no pressure drop, no risk of leakage and no disturbance of the flow at any time. This ensures an unrestricted flow and stable flow conditions.

The Katronic range of ultrasonic flowmeters offer the choice of both portable and fixed installation instruments. They can provide a range of different input and output configurations and certain meters are capable of measuring two pipes simultaneously.

  • Fuel oil measurement
  • Control ballast water system
  • Monitoring of engine cooling pipelines
  • Testing fire pumps
  • Balancing ship's water systems
  • Monitoring sea water inlets
  • Stena Drilling
  • Rosetti Marino
  • Royal Navy
  • Tyco FIS (Marine Division)
  • Bae Systems
  • Prosafe