Semiconductor Industry

Clamp-on flowmeters for microchip production

Liquid flow processes are essential parts of the semiconductor and electronic component manufacturing industry. The fluids used during the individual production steps of semiconductors and printed circuit boards (PCB) are either corrosive or ultrapure. As our ultrasonic flowmeters are externally mounted, they are ideal for these conditions, and unlike other instruments are not impaired by the low conductivity of the media.

Katronic flowmeters offer several advantages to our customers in the semiconductor industry.

Our ultrasonic flowmeters provide measurements on a huge variety of different fluids found in semiconductor production, from the abrasive fluids used in Chemical Mechanical Planarisation (CMP) to the acids, solvents, surfactants and deionized water in the cleaning processes.

Many of the fluids in semiconductor production are corrosive or hazardous to health. High strength acids needed to remove excess copper could cause safety and measurement issues for any invasive technology implemented. Katronic flowmeters are non-invasive, making them completely safe.

Operating a Katronic flowmeter to control and verify the rinsing processes will prolong the bath life of solutions, decrease chemical costs and lower reject rates. They can also be used to check volumes of excess rinsing liquids and can ease the burden on waste treatment systems.

  • Measurement of precipitants, reducing and replacement agents
  • Controlling of Chemical Mechanical Planarisation (CMP) fluids
  • Calculation of waste water discharges
  • Monitoring hydrofluoric acid systems
  • Metering board rinsing systems
  • Ultrapure water measurement
  • Intel
  • ST Microelectronics
  • Seagate