Chemical and Petrochemical

Clamp-on flowmeters for refining and chemical production

Ultrasonic flowmeters are ideal for the chemical industry, particularly where new instrumentation is needed due to meter failure, plant commissioning or the extension of the production facilities. As production is a continuous process, shutting down is complicated and costly and modifying pipes carries the risk of potentially dangerous leakage. In these situations, flowmeters need to be resistant against the often corrosive fluids and able to tolerate a wide range of process temperatures.

Katronic flowmeters offer a series of advantages to our customers in the chemical sector.

KATflow meters are not subjected to the conditions within the pipe, which protects them and ensures their long-term performance and reliability. Furthermore the transducers are manufactured from stainless steel as standard with the option of either special epoxy-coated copper-free aluminium or stainless steel for the flowmeter enclosure in order to cope with the worst of the weather.

The most simple way to ensure that personnel are not put at risk from hazardous or toxic chemicals is to ensure that they are never exposed to them. The use of a clamp-on flowmeter improves safety, removes the need for permits and makes the operation more efficient and less costly.

The Katronic range of ultrasonic flowmeters are designed with functionality in mind and one transmitter can be supplied in a variety of configurations. Some devices can be installed for determining product quality through speed of sound measurement, with inputs for pressure, temperature or density compensation or with special sensors for flow measurement at very high temperatures.  

  • Measurement of high temperature boiler feedwater
  • Concentration measurement on acids
  • Effluent treatment plant metering
  • Metering of hydrocarbon flows
  • Condensate metering
  • Flow surveys
  • BP Chemicals
  • Akzo Nobel 
  • Synthite
  • Clarifoil
  • DSM
  • Shell