Water and Wastewater

Clamp-on flowmeters for the water cycle

KATflow meters are simple to install and are ideal for dealing with extensive pipe networks where large diameter mains as well as smaller supply lines need to be monitored and flow surveys carried out. Clamp-on flowmeters provide the tools needed to meet the diverse requirements of such a demanding industry. The technology can be used for permanent installation on large pipes where installation of an invasive flowmeter is not economically viable, and on all of the different process fluids encountered within the network.

Katronic flowmeters offer a series of advantages to our customers in the water sector.

The ultrasonic transducers are installed by clamping them onto the outside of the pipe. The process is quick and simple. There is no need to cut into the pipe or stop the flow, and as a result no interruption to the water supply or risk of leakage.

For large diameter pipes, the purchase cost of a Katronic flowmeter will be lower than that of an alternative in-line solution. The only outlay a customer has with a clamp-on flowmeter is the capital expenditure while invasive meters incur further expense for engineering work, down-time, trained staff and specialist equipment leading to much higher overall costs. Another economic benefit of Katronic clamp-on flowmeters is that some instruments can be used to measure two pipes at the same time, making them doubly cost-effective.

Katronic ultrasonic flowmeters are available as both portable and fixed installation instruments, suitable for different uses in the water and wastewater industry, from sanitary applications to sewage flow measurement. Meters can provide a range of different input and output configurations and some devices are capable of measuring two pipes simultaneously.

  • In-line flowmeter performance verification
  • Leakage and blockage detection
  • Drinking water and effluent measurements
  • Screened sludge monitoring
  • Control of chemical dosing
  • Pump and valve testing and inspection
  • Severn Trent Water
  • United Utilities
  • Wessex Water
  • Thames Water
  • Nomenca
  • Mott MacDonald Bentley