KATflow 230
Flexible Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flowmeter


The KATflow 230 is easily portable but incorporates an advanced specification for situations which require comprehensive measurement features coupled with easy operation. The flowmeter has two measurement channels, which allow it to monitor two pipes simultaneously or to improve accuracy in non-ideal conditions. The KATflow 230 can also be supplied with a variety of options to meet the most diverse application requirements.

Pipe Diameter 10 – 6,500 mm
Battery Life 24 h
Internal Data Logger
Wall Thickness Measurement
Heat Quantity Measurement

The choice of 4-20 mA, relay and open-collector outputs available on the KATflow 230 allow it to be used as a temporary replacement for existing in-line flowmeters when calibration is due. Moreover, the inclusion of PT100 temperature inputs enables the instrument to provide either temperature compensated flow data, or full energy measurement. This functionality can be further enhanced by using the innovative expansion capability which permits the flowmeter to perform dual-channel heat quantity measurements or to integrate alternative output options such as Modbus.

  • Various input and output options for added flexibility
  • PT100 inputs for heat quantity (energy) measurement
  • Up to 100,000 measurement data logger and software for sampling and data transfer
  • Stainless steel sensors, cable and connectors as standard
  • Three different transport case options including special IP 67 version
  • Standard and high temperature pipe wall thickness gauges available
  • Pipe diameter range 10 mm to 6,500 mm
  • Temperature range for sensors -30 °C to +250 °C (-22 °F to +482 °F)
  • Robust IP 65 aluminium enclosure
  • Selectable three-line LCD display and full keypad
  • Battery life up to 24 hours with easily replaced battery cartridge
  • Dual flow monitoring with sum, average, difference and maximum calculations

Building Services

Single or dual-channel heat quantity measurement

Efficiency monitoring of heat exchangers

Pump testing and inspection

Water and Wastewater

Drinking water and effluent measurements

Dual-channel measurements on large pipes for increased accuracy

Screened sludge monitoring

Manufacturing and Process

Measurement of hydraulic oil

Fuel consumption measurements

Measurement of paint flows

Power Generation

Measurement of cooling circuits

Verification of main water inlets

CHP monitoring (Combined Heat and Power)

Marine and Shipbuilding

Heavy fuel oil measurements

Balancing of hot water systems

Monitoring of sea water inlets

General Industry

CIP system testing

In-line flowmeter performance verification

Temporary replacement of conventional in-line flowmeters

Building Services
Water and Wastewater
Manufacturing and Process
Power Generation
Marine and Shipbuilding
Food and Drink