Special Solutions


At Katronic we have always taken pride in being able to help our customers and find the best product to suit their applications.  

Whilst our meters are designed to meet the requirements of most standard measurements, there is always going to be a need for systems which are a little more bespoke. From a Katronic point of view this could range from a need for an alternative communication type, a different housing, a modified software, or even a meter to measure at the bottom of the ocean.

We can provide:

  • Special software versions for non-standard liquids or pipe materials
  • Measurement of the physical properties of liquids through speed of sound or concentration
  • Tailor made input or output configuration
  • Alternative instrument enclosures to meet application specific criteria

Our experienced project engineers work in close cooperation with our customers taking all of their requirements into account in order to offer them the best possible system solution. As well as the flowmeters we can offer packages combining solar panels and telemetry for permanent metering in locations which are difficult to access.  Our comprehensive expertise in ultrasonic flow measurement and flexible approach to any non-standard application give us the capability to develop an individual measurement solution specifically for you.