Friday 17 November 2017

Katronic Flowmeters Making Short Work of Large Pipes

Katronic and their team of engineers are in the process of installing the first of many flowmeters for a large water network project

It has taken several years to reach this point and it is with great pride that we are finally seeing the first instruments commissioned and operating. This is particularly exciting given the size of the pipelines that we are measuring.

All of the pipes used are FRP and range in diameter from a minimum of 2,200 mm up to 2,600 mm. Early in the project, the customer raised concerns about the suitability of a clamp-on meter for these measurements having had failures in the past. Our regional partner therefore committed to extensive field trials in order to prove the performance of the Katronic instruments and win the contract. 

The KATflow 150 ultrasonic flowmeters have been supplied with two pairs of K0L transducers in order to provide the customer with the best possible accuracy and reliability. The sensors have been installed in an ‘X’ configuration with the flowmeter then calculating and outputting an average flow rate in line with the customer’s requirements. 

Full details of the project, scope and performance will be released once commissioning is complete, we just wanted to share the good news, and provide further insight into the type of applications that it is possible to measure with a Katronic flowmeter.