Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Clamp-on flowmeter KATflow 230 a key tool for consultant engineers

UK’s leading process engineering consultants and project managers Addison Project recommend Katronic’s flowmeter rental service for its flexibility and convenience

The versatility of Katronic’s clamp-on, non-invasive flow measurement instruments has helped leading process engineering consultants and project managers Addison Project to investigate and gather flow information to support project proposals and as part of verification protocols during project sign-off phases. Because these are occasional rather than regular requirements, Addison Project take advantage of Katronic’s flowmeter rental service, typically using a portable KATflow 230 unit, pre-configured by Katronic before delivery and supplied with transducers matched to the specific application. 

Derek Jones, Process Engineer at Addison Project, said, ‘We appreciate the flexibility that renting the flowmeter gives us. We know the equipment now, it’s really straightforward to fit and use and Katronic give us great backup when we need to adjust settings.’ To give examples, KATflow 230 flowmeters were used on a couple of recent projects: 

Project 1: Data gathering

Addison Project used a KATflow 230 on small-bore stainless steel pipe in a chemical dosing facility. The project objective was to improve plant infrastructure to reduce chemical usage across the site, so Addison needed to directly benchmark flow rates and volumes. Given the nature of the chemicals, it was a significant benefit to be able to do that non-invasively, without breaking into or interrupting the dosing process. 

Project 2: Project validation

Following system improvements on a hygienic CIP plant, Addison Project validated the project in part by measuring flow velocities  and flow rates using a Katronic clamp-on flowmeter. Again, the hygienic nature of the process made it critical that there should be no break-in to the system. 

Derek Jones again, ‘We like the equipment, it arrives clean, pre-configured and ready to go, saving us time and giving us results we can rely on.’