Tuesday 16 October 2018

Team Katronic participates in Harz Mountain Run

Katronic Germany take part in the 41st running of the Harz mountain race

Nearly 4000 run enthusiasts took to the start line on Saturday, 13th October at the 41st "Harz-Gebirgslauf" in Wernigerode. The Harz Mountain Run is an annual event that has taken place every October since 1978. The festival of foot-based fun has different competitions to suit all ages and levels of fitness with the only criteria being an enjoyment of hilly exercise. This year was blessed (or cursed depending on how far you are running) with summer-like temperatures of 25 degrees with the organisers, helpers and participants enjoying the bright blue sky.

Almost 1000 runners took part in the main event, the Brocken Marathon. This run is considered to be the most difficult marathon in Northern Germany and at the same time one of the most beautiful natural runs. As well as the 42 km distance the competitors have to cope with climbing over 1000 m before the half way stage as racers reach the peak of the Brocken Mountain. Other competitions include the half-marathon, 11 km and 5 km runs as well as nordic walking and hiking disciplines.

This year the Katronic team "Transit Time Difference" joined the competition early in the morning for the 11 km hike. Managing Director Karsten Frahn on the other hand, completed his usual the 11 km run. According to him he has taken part in nearly all of the previous 41 events, competing at various distances including the 25 km race.

Katronic celebrated the end of a day of sport in the only way possible - a local beer, and some pea soup. We are looking forward to participating next year!