Wednesday 26 September 2012

Two new flowmeters at Katronic

Katronic have launched two new clamp-on flowmeters to expand their ultrasonic flowmeter product offering.

The two new flowmeters are the compact, reliable and cost effective KATflow 100 and the fully ATEX certified Zone 1 Exd KATflow 170.

The KATflow 100 and KATflow 170 flowmeters are intended for very different customers and applications but have been conceived for the same reason – the need to find flowmeters which meet customer expectations and requirements. Feedback indicated to Katronic that there were come gaps in their product offering which needed to be filled and therefore the development of these two new instruments began.

The KF100 is a simplified flowmeter for permanent installation. It is intended for applications where the advanced specification and options of the KATflow 150 are not required. In the same way that Katronic provide customers with a choice of portable flowmeter based on specification in the KF200 and KF230, it will now be possible to do the same with flowmeters for permanent installation. 

The KATflow 100 is housed in a small aluminium enclosure and has a simple to use 5-key keypad and corresponding menu structure. It can be supplied with four different standard sensors based on pipe size and temperature range and a small selection of input output options.

The new KATflow 170 is a flowmeter for use hazardous, explosion risk areas and is certified for use in ATEX Zone 1 as standard. The sensors are constructed from stainless steel and are IP68 as standard in order to meet the requirements of installing the flowmeter in taxing environmental conditions. The customer has the option of choosing between housing materials between an aluminium housing with special offshore certified epoxy coating, or a stainless steel variant. The meter can have either one or two measurement channels and a variety of input and output options.

For more information please see the products section of the website, or call +44 2476 714 111.