Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Flow Tests of Fire Sprinklers with Portable Katronic Clamp-On Flowmeter

Hand-held KATflow 200 ultrasonic flowmeter supports sprinkler verification

Leading fire sprinkler specialists A&F Sprinklers use a KATflow 200 to help manage more than 100 sprinkler installations across the UK. A&F operates in environments ranging from supermarkets and distribution centres to chemical plants, using the KATflow 200 to measure and verify flow rates with no need to cut into the pipes.

Once a sprinkler system has been installed, responsibility for its maintenance passes to the building owner. According to British and European standard BS EN 12845 Fixed Firefighting Systems, there is a weekly, quarterly and annual programme of tests, with the quarterly and annual tests also including a flow test.

The hand-held, battery powered KATflow 200 controller is easily installed, has a large display and setting up the unit takes only a few minutes via a set of simple, menu-driven steps. Data is automatically logged for later download.

Commenting, A&F Sprinklers Pump Manager Nathan O'Connor said, 'The KATflow 200 is a really important tool for us. We like its simple operation and accuracy, and how easy it is to clamp to the pipes. We maintain equipment all over the country, so it also helps that it packs up into a case and I can recharge the unit in the vehicle as I'm travelling between jobs.'