Wednesday 10 May 2017

Flowmeters, Finances and Friendship – A 20-year Business Partnership

In the 20 years since Katronic started, many things have changed, but some have not. As the company has grown and evolved certain people, and partnerships have flourished along with the expansion of the organisation

The black and white picture to the right, taken in 1999, was part of Katronic Technologies celebrating our presentation with a government SMART award for innovation. This success would not have been possible without the input of our accountants Burgis & Bullock and their now Head of Client Services Trevor Day (centre). 

We first engaged the services of Burgis & Bullock at the very inception of the company in 1997 and we have been working together ever since. Trevor especially has been central in our growth and has guided us through the setting up of the company, several complicated projects and the difficult transition from being a distributor to becoming a manufacturer. As Trevor himself points out “I’ve really enjoyed being involved with Andrew, Karsten, Kate and the team and supporting them on their amazing journey. The strong relationship I have with them, combined with the expertise within Burgis & Bullock, has enabled us to support and advise them on every aspect of the business as it has grown and developed over the last two decades”. In order to celebrate this relationship and the impact that Trevor and his colleagues have had on our company we wanted to create this montage as part of our 20-year celebrations. 

During this time our hair has greyed, and in some cases receded, fashions and glasses have changed but the importance of the work that this company does has not. As Andrew Sutton, Managing Director of Katronic Technologies points out “I have always been grateful for the input that Burgis & Bullock has into Katronic and especially the relationship that we have with Trevor and his colleagues. They are more than just our accountants; they provide our payroll services, assist with projects and most importantly are always there when we need advice or assistance. I could not imagine running the company without them, and could not put a value on the support that they have shown us over the years.” Since we started working with Burgis & Bullock, Katronic has grown from two to 24 people, increased turnover to over £2M, moved offices, launched a range of new products and survived two recessions and they have been there for us whenever we needed them. 

It would be nice to think that we can repeat this picture again in another 20 years (we might need to be seated for this one) but whatever the future holds for Katronic, we hope that Burgis & Bullock will be there offering their support. This feeling is mirrored by Trevor who kindly adds, “It’s been an exciting and interesting journey to date and I look forward to being involved with their success in the years ahead”.