Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Katronic Germany Take Part in the Annual Harz Mountain Event

Wernigerode hosts enthusiastic runners and hikers participating in popular countryside competition

For the 42nd time the Harz Mountain Run was held in Wernigerode on Saturday, October 12, 2019. More than 3500 eager participants were treated to ideal weather conditions with bright blue sky and temperatures of 18 degrees. The annual event test entrants over a range of disciplines with options to suit all ages and athletic abilities, from a short children's event to a punishingly steep 20 km and the famous Brocken Marathon. The 42 km race is one of the most challenging runs in Germany, ascending more than 1000 metres to the top of the Brocken, Northern Germany's highest mountain. 900 runners competed on this toughest of courses where they often face freezing temperatures and snow on the way to the the summit. This year those battling to the top were 'fortunate' to have light drizzle, nine degrees and fog!

Team Katronic were entered into the 11 km hike which gave all involved an early start. The trails were initially crowded but thinned out at people reached the first ascent. Managing Director Karsten Frahn once again competed in the 11 km race, which he completed in 15th place for his age group. At the finish line everyone involved celebrated completing their respective disciplines with a warming pea soup and obligatory beer from the local brewery.

Photo: Team Katronic (Dani Fröhlich, Roy Pentke, Ronny Reinke, Thomas Gagelmann, Karsten Frahn)