Friday, 11 December 2020

A Community Feeling in Cold Weather – Katronic's 'Different' Christmas Get-Together

"Everything different" right to the end of the Corona year 2020. The German Katronic team celebrates the Christmas season in another way this year

At the beginning of the year, nobody could have predicted that we would have faced so many obstacles and restrictions throughout the corona pandemic. Unfortunately, the Christmas party plans of many German companies coincided almost exactly with the arrival of the second wave of the SARS CoV-2 pathogen. And the lockdowns that followed meant that the usual team events or restaurant reservations were impossible.

Undaunted, the German Katronic team decided to think about alternatives and devised their very own team event. On a Friday afternoon during Advent, they met in the Harz Forest to hike together up the Armeleuteberg, with the aim of reaching the Kaiserturm on its highest elevation. In freezing cold weather but with fresh air and good conversation, the group reached the goal, had a little refreshment in the form of coffee and cake before starting the descent again.

It has been a difficult year, but we were able to reflect on what has happened, and we look forward with renewed hope to the year to come.

Photos: Team Katronic and the Harz Mountains