Tuesday, 22 December 2020

So, 2020. Well, we didn’t see that one coming!

A year ago, ‘Bubbles’ were what you found in beer, we were more worried about computer viruses than infectious ones, and ‘Isolation’ was how you protected electrical circuits

2020 has been a year like no other in living memory. Shops running out of basic products, our daily lives being nothing like we've been used to, and of course having to find a way to run a company in a normal way, when everything else in the world is far from normal.

The impact of COVID has tested us all in many different ways and I am very grateful for the contribution made by everyone at Katronic and all of our partners and customers for helping us get to the point where I am able to write this. When the potential impact of COVID became apparent we took the position of planning for the worst, and aiming for the best.

Through this entire period Katronic has been operating with two teams working in isolation from each other. I am hoping that none of you have been adversely affected by this new way of working. We are far from finished with the Virus but I feel that we have a robust system that will allow to not only face any issues that arise but also plan for future growth as things improve, and I think that we have many things to look forward to.

I realise that the normal Christmas and end of year celebrations will be very different this year. I hope that whatever you are doing, and whoever you are spending the time with you make the most of this period. I join with all my colleagues and everyone at Katronic to wish you all happiness, health and prosperity for the new year.

Andrew Sutton, Managing Director of Katronic Technologies Ltd.