14 June 2021

An honourable retirement for hard working KATflows

Flowhire UK retires first generation flowmeters of Katronic

Yorkshire based flowmeter rental specialist Flowhire was one of the first companies to invest in Katronic’s KATflow 200 hand-held clamp-on flowmeters when they launched in 2009. Since then, they have added significantly to the fleet but the first KATflow 200s they bought have carried on, steadily racking up many thousands of hours of rental use and earning Flowhire tens of thousands of pounds in rental income.
When it finally came time to ‘retire’ the first of Flowhire’s KATflow 200s after 11 years of service, Katronic marked the event by mounting them in a display case and presenting them to Flowhire at their offices in Sowerby Bridge, James Griffin (right) handing the display over to Flowhire Director Matt Bancroft.