Tuesday 3 April 2018

Why Flowhire Trust Katronic for Their Flowmeter Rental Fleet

Katronic is always delighted to hear that customers have been using their equipment for years and we like to get an insight into the reasons why

Flowhire, in Yorkshire, bought their first KATflow clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter in 2003 after their Director, Matt Bancroft, met Katronic’s Managing Director Andrew Sutton at a Flow Day. “We have Katronic flowmeters that have racked up 150 hires and over 200 weeks of service. The control units and transducers are both very robust. We’ve continued to add to the fleet, and the only failure we’ve ever had was the one that was dropped from an oil rig into the North Sea. I think we can forgive that one!”, Matt Bancroft says. 

There was more to it than that, though. Matt added, “We have a fleet of around 450 flowmeters here, and they are being supplied to a vast range of sites with a real mix of experience. Where Katronic flowmeters really score is the straightforward and intuitive set up.” 

KATflow 200 hand-held flowmeters form the majority of Flowhire’s clamp-on ultrasonic fleet, but they also supply KATflow 230, where the twin transducers are perfect for FM contractors to use in heat pump applications.