Monday 1 October 2018

Katronic exhibiting in France

As part of the development of their global sales Katronic will be exhibiting at the SEPAG show in Valence, France

SEPAG is the “Salon des Équipments, Process et Prestataires de l'Agroalimentaire” and is an event focussed on the use of process equipment in the Food sector. This will be the first event that Katronic have participated at since opening an office in France. It is hope that this will be the first step in a journey that will see the growth of the KATflow flowmeters in the country.

The new venture is being managed by Thierry Nodin, a new member of the Katronic family. Thierry is someone who is highly experienced in working with process equipment and who has been involved with the Katronic products for a number of years.

If you would be interested in meeting Thierry, and learning more about the KATflow range, please visit the Katronic booth at stand number 12 between the 2nd and 4th of October. For more information follow the link to the event website.