Monday 12 March 2018

KATflow 200 Provides a Smooth Solution for an Abrasive Application

Engineers from Katronic were recently on site testing one of our KATflow portable flowmeters to prove the usefulness of the technology on a testing industrial effluent application

The challenge was to measure the flow being discharged a road tanker containing an unspecified level of grit and gravel. The customer has attempted to measure the flow on previous occasions with inline technology but the solid content and high flow velocity had rendered the meters inoperable in weeks.

The customer is now intending to install clamp-on flowmeters as a way of having both reliable flow measurement, and a way of avoiding damage to the flowmeter in operation. Katronic provided a free demonstration of their versatile and reliable KATflow 200 portable instrument in order to prove that the technology could be suitable for the application. Results were very positive with the flowmeter providing totalised data that matched the figures obtained from the weighbridge.

During the discharging of the tanker the engineers could hear the solid particles rattling through the 100 mm pipe without any obvious impact on the quality of the measurements taken. During the two runs, the Katronic flowmeter recorded 25,500 litres at a flow velocity of over 3.8 m/s that explains why previous inline meters have suffered. The next stage will be to fit two KATflow 100 devices in order to provide permanent flow data for the site.