18 September 2018

Non-invasive Fish Farm Flow Measurement

Katronic non-invasive, clamp-on flow metering has been used to monitor water flow within a leading fish farm

Ocean Matters offers a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to minimise the use of medicinal chemicals in salmon farming. They breed lumpfish, or lumpsuckers, a ‘cleaner’ species that just loves to pick the sea lice from farm salmon, eating up to 100 at a time. They happily coexist with the farmed salmon, and significantly reduce the amount of chemicals required to successfully rear them.

At Ocean Matters’ bio-secure facility in North Wales, nothing is left to chance, and the movement of water between the fish tanks and filtration systems is monitored using a portable Katronic KATflow 200 portable flowmeter. Simply clamped on to the PVC pipes, the battery powered KATflow 200 can be mounted and then moved so it both monitors and logs the flow of water throughout the process.

Commenting, Ocean Matters Farm Supervisor Dave Jones, said, “We have been really pleased with both the simplicity of operation of the Katronic meter, and the support we received from the office in Coventry. Key for us was that the meter worked well on our PVC pipes, and it has been excellent.”