Tuesday 4 September 2018

Clamp On to Clean Out? Non-invasive Flow Measurement for Stainless Restoration

Heat exchanger pipework’s internal surface cleaned from iron oxide and dust using a portable KATflow 200 ultrasonic flowmeter to maintain the flow rate

Stockport, UK based Stainless Restoration Ltd. chose a portable KATflow 200 as part of a project to clean and maintain heat exchanger pipework for one of the UK’s largest and most important engineering groups.

The project, for Rolls Royce, will involve demounting pipework from large-scale heat exchangers and removing particulate deposits from the internal surface. Iron oxide, dust, atmospheric contamination and loose fibres are removed using fine filters, down to 3 micron, dislodged from the pipework's internal surfaces by circulating clean, demineralised water at a high flow rate to create a turbulent flow to scour the pipe's interior.

A Katronic KATflow 200 clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter with K4N sensors confirms that flow is maintained at more than the 3.5 kg per second needed for a sufficiently turbulent flow to create the cleaning action.

Stainless Restoration purchased the KATflow 200 after successful experience hiring them from Katronic in the past. Stainless Restoration's Managing Director Frank Morris commented, “We have found the K200 to be perfect for various chemical circulation projects we have undertaken. We like the easy set-up and reliability of the flowmeter, and we have had great support over the phone from the team in Coventry.”