Monday 29 May 2017

MAY-king Partnerships – This Month in the History of Katronic

As part of our ongoing reflection on the 20 years of Katronic we continue our “on this month” feature by looking at some of the events from the chronicle of the company

In the history of Katronic, the month of May is truly the month of new beginnings. We started working with several of our closest and most influential partners at this time of year and we are proud that we are still working with them to this day. 

One of our longest lasting relationships has been with Mr. Ahmed Saber now of Astronic and originally of Top Engineering Group Egypt. We first started working with Mr. Saber in May 2001 and during this time have forged a close working relationship in spite of what have often been difficult political times in Egypt. Through this partnership, we have supplied ultrasonic flowmeters for food applications, petrochemical plants and large canal systems and look forward to future success together. 

May 2006 saw the establishment of our first tentative steps into selling clamp-on flowmeters in Russia. Experienced engineer Andrey Gorevoy contacted Katronic having established his own company. He had already worked with ultrasonic flowmeters in the past and was looking for a partner to supply his new venture with instruments. Within a short period, Innotech had grown to be one of Katronic’s most valuable customers with contracts throughout the country. As the relationship has evolved, the companies have worked closely together in order to establish the technology and the brand in the Russian marketplace. 

The third and most recent May arrivals came in 2010 in the form of François Van Nijnatten and Leen de Jong who between them formed UFM, since re-titled U-F-M Ultrasonic Flow Management. Leen and François from The Netherlands used their experience, skills and the Katronic flowmeters to establish a highly successful company. U-F-M has become a centre for all areas of ultrasonic process measurement but remain a close partner for Katronic. They have large installation base for the KATflow meters in water, effluent, power generation and petrochemical applications.