Thursday 15 June 2017

Going, Going, (Nearly) Gone – Last Chance to Win a Flowmeter Related Prize

After 11 months of thanking our customers for their flowmeter orders there is only one month left for you to put your name in the hat to win the last monthly prize

The latest winners were:

  • Spirax Sarco (April) and
  • Håland Instrumentering AS (May) 

Spirax Sarco is a leading British-based manufacturer of steam management systems, peristaltic pumps and associated fluid path technologies. The company is based in Cheltenham from where they provides engineered solutions for the design, maintenance and provision of efficient industrial and commercial steam systems (from single products through to complete turnkey bespoke packages. 

Spirax purchased a new KATflow 200 flowmeter for their service team in order to provide reliable field data for their commissioning and test engineers when they are working on site. According to the Engineer responsible for the project “We use your meters to accurately size the Spirax EasiHeat™. This is a complete, compact and energy efficient heat transfer solution, that will deliver a constant supply of instantaneous hot water at a stable temperature, on demand, for a range of domestic, heating and process hot water applications.” 

Håland have been working with the Katronic flowmeter in Norway for nearly three years. Mr. Terje Håland established the company in 1999 and he grew the business to be market leader in instrumentation, with a focus on field instruments and fire and gas detectors. The business strategy is based on having motivated knowledgeable employees who want to provide the best possible service. This decision has paid dividends as the company has grown, and a large part of the team have been working there for over 25 years. 

The application and subsequent order that won the monthly price for Håland was the purchase of a KATflow 200 portable flowmeter for a salmon farm. The customer wanted the versatile portable flowmeter in order to take a variety of flow measurements on the barge that services the site.