Wednesday, 5 June 2019

From Ammonia to Xenon – The Evolution of Non-Invasive Clamp-On Gas Flow Measurement

Katronic expands product range with innovative flowmeter for gases

Katronic is very proud to announce its newest development, the KATflow 180 clamp-on flowmeter for gases. The ATEX-approved KATflow 180 takes non-invasive, clamp-on measurement into new areas with the ability to measure gaseous flow at low pressures and even in metal pipes – something that was previously virtually impossible to achieve.

Clamp-on measurement of gas has, typically, been limited to high pressures, plastic pipes and ‘ideal’ installations. The KATflow 180 gives excellent results right down to atmospheric pressure. Not only that, but Katronic’s ‘Lamb wave’ technology makes accurate measurement possible even in metal pipes, including steel.

A gaseous medium dampens an ultrasonic signal far more than a liquid, making non-invasive flow measurement of gases far more difficult. The effect reduces as pressure increases, hence the 5 bar lower pressure limit at which conventional transit time measurements using shear waves can be made. Katronic’s Lamb wave transducers are excited at the resonant frequency of the pipe material, making the pipe wall act as both emitter and receiver of the ultrasonic pulses, multiplying the effective transducer area for a higher signal strength and a better signal/noise ratio.

A stronger signal means that the KATflow 180 is better able to compensate for the attenuation of the gas, and Katronic have developed advanced signal processing techniques to analyse the measured data and deliver an accurate measurement.

The KATflow 180 is able to measure in pipes from 25 mm to 1.5 m diameter, with flow rates of 0.1 m/s to 75 m/s and pressures of 1 bar up to unlimited maximum. It is designed to be capable of being mounted permanently in an ATEX Zone 1 or 2 hazardous area, with a robust housing and non-intrusive programming.

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