Tuesday 10 July 2018

Distributor Survey Feedback

Katronic worldwide distributors give honest feedback about Katronic‘s performance

In May we asked our distributors to complete a survey in order to recognise our strengths but also where we can improve and to discover if there is a gap in our product range. We asked a range of questions from: "Do you believe there is a gap in our product range?" to "How would you describe the communication between yourself and Katronic?" Below is an overview of the results.

80 % of respondents said they are very satisfied with Katronic overall, the other 20 % answered they are somewhat satisfied. Some responses from the questionnaire:

  • "Always quick at responding for quotes and questions."
  • "Quick response, very good technical and commercial knowledge."
  • "Your answers have always been very helpful and quick."

100 % of respondents said they are satisfied with the communication between themselves and Katronic, 95 % said our products are high quality or very high quality and 94.5 % said the Katronic team are responsive regarding questions or concerns about our products.

37.5 % expressed their wish for us to introduce a clamp-on gas meter to our portfolio. As many of our distributors know, we are already developing this product and conducting trials. If you have an application, please contact

Every respondent said that the resources on the website were useful except one that uttered they would not usually use the website. Here are a few reasons why we believe our website is a great resource: 

  • News section that is regularly updated with application success stories, exhibitions, competitions and more,
  • Details on services we provide,
  • Download Centre – Datasheets, quality documents, brochures, application references, quick start manuals, operating instructions, technical information. 

Until now twenty people completed the survey, the response rate was 30 %. The more people that complete our survey, the quicker we can notice if there is an area to improve on. If you would like to have the opportunity to give us some feedback, please click here for the link to the survey. We look forward to receiving your feedback.