Tuesday 13 November 2018

Helping Geological Cores to Keep Their Cool

Katronic have supplied a KATflow 100 non-invasive clamp-on flowmeter to Geotek, who provide rock core sampling and analysis services all over the world

From oceanic research and climate science to nuclear waste management and more, Geotek's view is that if a sediment or rock core is worth collecting, it's worth logging, and they have been providing core analysis and measurement services and equipment for more than twenty years. To study certain types of core, they must be kept pressurised and at a low temperature to maintain stability before it is analysed.

The KATflow 100 was the perfect choice to monitor the cooling circuit flow, which may be operating anywhere from the Arctic to the South China Sea. The easy set-up, straightforward installation and flexibility of the KATflow 100 makes it perfect to support the performance of the sophisticated Geotek equipment and, because the transducers could be installed whilst maintaining the integrity of the process, it was the ideal solution for the high pressures in the cooling circuit.