Thursday, 31 May 2018

Clamp-on Energy Meters for Hospital HVAC Savings

Consultant PA Energy chose Katronic equipment for a major survey in a large East London NHS trust to map heat flows and report to the FM Contractor

A big hospital uses a lot of gas and electricity, especially through the HVAC systems, and sub-metering projects are often undertaken to understand the details of the flow and optimise where possible. They are also key KPIs reported on as part of the management processes.

Katronic's non-invasive clamp-on energy meters are perfect for the work, simple to install and set up, with portable options for surveys or permanent installations to continuously monitor key areas. By adding a PT100 temperature sensor alongside the compact transducers, the KATflow meters can directly measure the temperature and the flow at the same time, so the calculation of heat flow is a relatively straightforward one.

PA Energy monitored hot water service within the hospital using the KATflow systems, with wireless data logging linking to the main utility meters for the hospital. PA Energy's systems allowed the FM contractor to quickly identify areas of high energy consumption and abnormal use of water.